Friday, 13 July 2012

Make your own BBM Ghost Picture

What will you need?

I'll tell you how to create BBM Ghost Picture
BBM Ghost Picture is a photo that is invicible. But when you highlight it, a text appear from its picture

1. Open your photoshop in your PC
2. Create a new file>size 240x240 resolution 72 pixel/inch>RGB>background transparent
3. Duplicate your first layer
4. At layer 2 (duplicate from first layer) right click then choose blending options
5. Click color overlay then choose multiply and change its colour become white and capacity change it to 0%
6. At the layer change fill layer become 0%
7. Make a new layer and then make your own text and be sure that its colour is white
8. If you have finished, please use "Save for web">format.png>checklist transparentdo not checklist interlaced, matte white (if possible)
9. Copy the file to your BlackBerry then enjoy it!

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