Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blackberry Messenger

Download OTA for BBM 7 + Voice (Os 6, 7 and 7.1)

HI Friends, I want to share the OTA links for BBM V 7.0 for OS 6, 7 and & 7.1.

Blackberry Messenger v (OS 5)

Blackberry Messenger v (OS 6)

Blackberry Messenger v (OS 7)

Blackberry Messenger v (OS 7.1)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

BlackBerry appllications that you must have

1. BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.1.41

2. Facebook for BlackBerry v1.8.0.49

3. Twitter for Blackberry v1.0.1.4

4. UberTwitter
5. Google maps

6. BlackBerry Appworld
7. Yahoo Messenger
8. Windows Live Messenger

9. Google Talk

Friday, 13 July 2012

How to make BBM Ghost Picture

Watch this video!
you can make your own BBM rollover picture.

How to make BBM Ghost Pic t/ Rollover Pict

Watch this video!
You can make your own BBM rollover pict :)

Make your own BBM Ghost Picture

What will you need?

I'll tell you how to create BBM Ghost Picture
BBM Ghost Picture is a photo that is invicible. But when you highlight it, a text appear from its picture

1. Open your photoshop in your PC
2. Create a new file>size 240x240 resolution 72 pixel/inch>RGB>background transparent
3. Duplicate your first layer
4. At layer 2 (duplicate from first layer) right click then choose blending options
5. Click color overlay then choose multiply and change its colour become white and capacity change it to 0%
6. At the layer change fill layer become 0%
7. Make a new layer and then make your own text and be sure that its colour is white
8. If you have finished, please use "Save for web">format.png>checklist transparentdo not checklist interlaced, matte white (if possible)
9. Copy the file to your BlackBerry then enjoy it!