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(All Answers) Amazon Cricket Quiz-Answer & Win Rs.20,000 (12th May)

Amazon Cricket Quiz

Amazon Cricket Quiz – Answer & win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Cricket Quiz, Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers – Hi Guys , Its Time For IPL & Cricket. Every One Knows The Fever Of IPL In India so Amazon Is Bringing Back The Amazon Cricket Quiz To Win Free real Cash Through it. Amazon India Comes Back With Another App Only Quiz, This Time Prize is Big & Quiz is Simple, You Will Get Rs.20000 In Your Amazon Pay balance Wallet.

We Are Already Regularly Posting The All Amazon Quiz & Amazon Quiz Answers All Amazon App Treasure Hunt items, Before Few Days We Have Posted The Amazon App Quiz, Now Here is Exclusive Chance To Win Rs.20000 Amazon Pay balance From Amazon By Playing Cricket Quiz Of Amazon.
In This Amazon Quiz Of Cricket , All You have to do is Give Right Answers to All 5 Questions & If You are Lucky Enough Then You Can Win Free Rs.20k Amazon Pay Balance.
There are a total of 20 (Twenty) Prize(s) that will be given under this Contest. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 30th June,2018

Amazon Cricket Quiz – How to Participate?

This is Amazon App Only Offer, So We Suggest You Use & Install The Amazon Android Or iOS App
1, Just Download The Amazon App On Your Mobile From Playstore Or App Store
2. Now Just Open The App & Create/Sign in Into Amazon Account
3. Now Just Go To Home Page Of The App & You will be Able To See The Banner Of “Amazon cricket Quiz“4. Now Just Open the App Banner & You Are About to Start The Quiz With “Start” Button 
CoolzTricks Tip: For Our Reader’s  Easiness, We Have Solved All The Questions Of This Amazon cricket Quiz & You Will Find All Correct Answer of This Amazon Quiz Below

Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers: 12th May – Week 6

1. In a T20 match, after the first 6 overs, a maximum of 5 fielders can be outside the fielding circle.

Answer: True

2. As per the laws of cricket, when can a ‘lost ball’ be called?

Answer: When the ball cannot be recovered without outside assistance

3.  In the context of cricket, what does ‘mankaded’ mean?

Answer:  When a bowler Runs out the non-striking batsman when the latter leaves the crease when backing up

4. A batsman may be dismissed Run Out whether or not a run is being attempted, even if the delivery is a no-ball.

Answer: True

 5.  In T20 cricket, what does a Super Over aim to eliminate?

Answer: A tied match

Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers: 6th May (Week 5)

1. In the case of a ‘freehit’ the batsman can only be dismissed through which of the following?

Answer –  A run out

2.  You can tell Alexa to book tickets for Royal Challengers Bangalore’s home matches?

Answer:  True

3. In an uninterrupted T20 cricket match each bowler may bowl a maximum of __ overs

Answer:  4

4. Which of these is NOT a field position in cricket?

Answer:  Shot

5. In cricket, the term Skipper refers to?

Answer: The Team Captain

Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers: 29th April (Week 4)

1. In the context of a T20 match, what is a ‘free hit’?

Answer – If a bowler delivers a no-ball

2. Which mathematical formulation is used to reset targets in rain-affected cricket matches?

Answer: The Duckworth–Lewis (D/L) method

3. In the context of cricket, what is a ‘dot ball’?

Answer: A delivery bowled without any runs scored off it

4. In the context of a T20 match, what is ‘powerplay’?

Answer: During the first 6 overs, a max. of two fielders can be outside the 30-yard circle

5. Which of these is NOT a type of delivery in cricket?

Answer: Evil

6. Presently, who is the captain of India’s Women’s T-20 International team?

Answer: Harmanpreet Kaur

7. In which country did Twenty20 cricket first originate?


Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers: Week 3 – 22nd April

1. The inaugural ICC World Twenty20 was played in South Africa in 2007. Who won the final?

Answer: India

2. In a T20 match, if the fielding team does not start to bowl their 20th over in 75 min, the batting side is credited extra runs for every whole overbowled after the 75-min mark.

Answer: True

3. In the context of cricket what is a ‘Hat Trick’?

Answer: When a bowler takes 3 wickets on consecutive deliveries, dismissing 3 different batsmen.

4. Which bird is associated with a batsman’s dismissal for a score of zero?

Answer: Duck

5. In an uninterrupted Twenty20 game how many innings does each team play?

Answer: 1 inning each

6. What can Alexa NOT tell you about a cricket team?

Answer: Tell you when Sachin Tendulkar is coming out of retirement

7. What would Alexa reply if you ask ‘Alexa, which cricket teams are playing today?’ ?

Answer: Tell you the names of the teams cricket playing that day

Amazon Cricket Quiz Answers: Week 2 – 15th April

1. The Indian cricket team played its first T20 International match in 2006. Who was the India team captain?

Answer: Virender Sehwag

2. In the context of cricket, what does LBW stand for?

Answer: Leg before wicket

3. In a T-20 match, a batsman is not allowed to bat after scoring a double century

Answer: False

4.In the context of a T20 match, what is a ‘Super Over’?

Answer: A Tie-breaking method used in limited overs cricket matches

5.In a T20 match, what is the maximum number of overs each team bats for?

Answer: 20

6. Which of these countries does NOT host Twenty20 domestic competitions?

Answer: Narnia

7. What would Alexa reply if you ask ‘Alexa, what is the score?

Answer: She will tell you the latest score

Answers Of Amazon Cricket Quiz – Week 1

1. In a T20 match, no more than __ fielders can be on the leg side at any time. Fill in the blank.

Answer – 5

2. Which countries played in the first men’s Twenty20 international ever played?

Answer: Australia and New Zealand

3. In the context of cricket what is a ‘Timed out’?

Answer:  A dismissal that occurs when an incoming batsman is not ready to play in 90 seconds

4. Which of these is NOT a method of dismissal in cricket?

Answer:  Winking

5. In a T20 match, after the first six overs a maximum of five fielders can be outside the fielding circle.

Answer: True

6. Alexa can provide you the latest statistics for cricket players

Answer: True

7. Alexa can book tickets to the home matches for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Answer: True
Wow !! Just Success !! Now You Have Just Completed The amazon Cricket Quiz

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More Details Of This Amazon Cricket Quiz :

1. This Contest will commence on 7th April from 12:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 31st May 11:59:00 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”).
2. In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the App (“ App”).
3. Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 7 (seven) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
4. Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out among participants who have answered that particular question correctly.
5. The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 20 (twenty) participants will be selected as winner by a random draw of lots. A total of 1 (twenty) participants will be selected as winners of the Contest.
6. The declared winner will be eligible to win Rs. 20,000, (hereinafter referred to as “Prize(s)”), which will reflect in the winner’s account as Amazon Pay Balance.

(All Locations) Vodafone Spot The Ball & Get Rs.500 Amazon Voucher

Vodafone Spot The Ball contest

(All Locations) Vodafone Spot The Ball & Get Rs.500 Amazon Voucher

Vodafone Spot The Ball contest , Vodafone Spot The Ball Locations , My Vodafone App Spot The Ball Today’s Location – Hi Guys, Hope You Guys Are Enjoying Our Free Recharge Tricks & Free PayTM cashTricks. Here is Another Find & Win Contest From My Vodafone App For All Vodafone Prepaid & Postpaid Users. Now IPL Fever is On Peak & Vodafone has Announced “Vodafone Spot The Ball” Contest.
Vodafone is Regularly Announcing This Type Of Contests From Past 1 Year. We Have Already Posted My “Vodafone Pugathon Contest” , “Hunt The Hearts Contest” Etc. Now In This Vodafone Spot The Ball contest, You Have to Find The Ball In Different Locations in My Vodafone App.

Based On Luck , Daily 50 Lucky Winners Will Win Free Rs.500 Amazon Gift Vouchers From Vodafone India.
This contest will run From 28th April to 27th May, Play the Vodafone 30 Day Spot The Ball on the MyVodafone App and get a chance to win an Amazon Rs.500 Voucher every day

Prizes Of This Vodafone Spot The Ball Contest

  • Rs.500 Amazon Voucher – Rs.500 Amazon Voucher For Daily 50 Lucky Winners 

Here is How to Find Ball From My Vodafone App & Win Free Amazon Voucher

1.) First of All Just Download /Update My Vodafone App
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4) If You find Ball Then Just tap on it and reveal it.
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Spot The Ball Locations In My Vodafone Apps

Here is Balls Locations in MyVodafone App:-
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12. 11/05/2018
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12. 12/05/2018
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More Places Will Be Added Regularly Here ….
You Can Track your score on the Ball Tracker in MyVodafone app.

Rules Of The Game 

  • Daily 50 Winners Will be Announced on The Next Working Day
  • Winner Shall Receive an SMS with the coupon code and Validity
  • Daily Refresh Will Happen at 00:01 Everyday.

(Biggest Loot) Win Free OnePlus 6, T-shirts, Backpacks,Bags From OnePlus (Proof Added)

Oneplus Stock Photo Blind Test

(Loot) Oneplus Stock Photo Blind Test -Participate &  Win OnePlus 6, T-shirts, Backpacks,Bags , OnePlus Invite Coupon

Oneplus Stock Photo Blind Test Contest – Hi Guys, Hope You Are Doing Wonderful Nowadays , As We Know OnePlus Is Launching The its Next Flagship Device “OnePlus 6” This Month. And As Always They Are Up With Another Contest To Win So Many Prizes
OnePlus Has Launched Contest Named – “Oneplus Stock Photo Blind Test” In Which you have to Just Select The Best Photo & You Can Win Many Prizes Like – OnePlus 6 SmartPhone , OnePlus Messanger Backpack , OnePlus T-Shirts , OnePlus Traveller Bag , OnePlus Launch Invite Etc
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In This Oneplus Contest All You Have to Do is Just Select The Best Photo & Click The Lucky Draw Ticket , Thats It

Follow Below Steps To Enter & Win The Prizes

What is Oneplus Stock Photo Blind Test?

In This Contest the OnePlus 6, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 will be put to the test & You Have To Choose The Best Camera Photo From This 4 Phones
Choose The Photo Which Belongs To OnePlus 6

Oneplus Stock Photo Blind Test – How To Win The OnePlus 5 

1, First Of All Just Visit This Page Of OnePlus Contest – Click Here
2. Now You Will be On Contest Page – Just Click On “Vote Now
3. On Next Page – Just Sign Into Your OnePlus Account Or Just Signup With facebook or Google
4. After Signin Again Choose “Vote Now” Button
5. Next Page You Will Be In Contest Page With 4 Images Taken With The OnePlus 6iPhone XSamsung Galaxy S9 and  With Google Pixel 2

6. You Just Have to Vote & Select The Best Looking Image With Clearer & Nice Contrast  – Just Click On Vote Button To Vote
7. Once Confirm Now Click On “Draw Now” You have 4 Chances as You have Voted for 4 Photos , Just Draw Your Chances & You Could Win OnePlus Gifts Through it.
9. Upon Your Luck – You Will Win Something Its Purely Depends Upon Luck

Prizes Of This Contest And Lucky Draw

  • OnePlus 6 Launch Ticket – With Rs.10000 Free Goodies
  • OnePlus Travel Backpack
  • OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag
  • OnePlus Never Settle T-shirt
OnePlus 5 Accessories Coupon Worth Rs.300 & Rs.100

Here is Proof Of Winning

Blind Test Rules

  • 1. The Blind Test is divided into four categories. Participants can vote for the best images and take part in a lucky draw.
  • 2. Each user will be given at the most 5 chances to participate in the lucky draw. 1 chance each can be earned by voting while 1 chance is given by default.
  • 3. Users can use their available lucky draw chances at any given point of time between 11th May and 14th May, 2018.
  • 4. All lucky draw vouchers are valid until 30th June. Post this date, all vouchers will expire.
  • 5. The lucky draw entitles participants to vouchers (automatically allotted by the system) to be redeemed at

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TSF Shell


TSF Shell apk android app
Enable you to freely personalize various widgets to a full range. Let’s say goodbye to the traditional operation system.
Enable you to do multipul-operation, including auto-arragement, multipul-choices, add-to-folder, multipul-deleting, to the items by only one move of the finger. You can also check your folders in various ways.

TSF SHELL 3D has one app page and 4 personalized pages for our users. You can switch between pages by one click at the switch button in the lower left corner.

You can freely create one or more quicklinks for apps and drag them to any page. You can also distribute all the app icon (or even change their angles) freely in the personalized page.

The side column provides the most TSF Shell 3D charateristic widgets, including folders, contacts, music player, weather and so on.

The side column can be personalized as well, including changing the order and position of different catagories. You can create quicklinks of your most frequently used apps and contact in the quick launch in the side column.

TSF Shell 3D has a most powerful theme function. Apart from the difference in style, some themes even allow change in the transition animation.

1. The folder where the application is less than 7, only to circle the icon into the folder.
2. The folder where the application is more than 7, only to drag the icon ftom the folder.
Currently we are still trying to improve our TSF Shell 3D. We will update our product and new widgets regularly. Please check for updates so that you can the best experience.
We also welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement of our product.
Keywords & Tags: TSF Shell,TSF 3D Screen,TSF 3D launcher
What's in this version:
Version (2013/6/20)
1.Fixed crash problem.












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